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Greetings & God bless you!!

We would like to cordially invite your youth from the ages 0-18 to the JAM ZONE experience!!

JAM ZONE means JESUS AND ME ZONE a safe environment where the youth can praise and worship in the own way!


Cypress Creek children/youth church was established in 2011, with the assistance of the youth minister, Minister Bernard Strayhorn.  Since 2012 JAM ZONE has been under the leadership of youth Minister Johnny Fitzhugh II and his helpmeet Dianne Fitzhugh.  Our vision and mission lines directly up with the churches, it is specifically and spiritually designed to meet our children where they are by demonstrating the love of GOD through three levels: Feeding, Teaching, and Reaching.

Feeding- Matthew 25:35

GOD has blessed us to be able to feed the children on Wednesday's before Bible study and Sunday's after Children's church.

Teaching- 2 Timothy 3:16-17

In addition to feeding our children physical food, God has blessed us with a great team of youth advisors. We are here to teach, train, and equip the youth to serve God, gain a personal relationship, and to carry out the message of the good news of the Gospel. We have 4 classes, where each group can be taught on their level.



Awesome Angels       Jammin Joshua’s

(Ages 0-6)        (Ages 7-9)



Dancin Disciples      Righteous Rappers

 (Ages 10-12)       (Ages 13-18)


We are raising up a Joshua Generation that will be faithful, prayerful, undoubting, and trusting in the Lord.


Reaching- Matthew 28: 19-20

We seek to teach our youth to follow the mission set by Christ, to reach out to our community through various outreach events. Such as youth drives, clothes drives, prayer with a kick, Thanksgiving food boxes to the elderly, and more to come.

"Youth Advisors Moto"

My heart is to teach

My heart is to reach

My heart is to bring one to Christ

Glory be to God!!








left-right Minster Johnny Fitzhugh, Diann Fitzhugh, Cassandra Westbrook, Lenze McGriggs, Lisa Gates, First Lady Janetta Wynn, Rhonda Barnes & Alison Thompson

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